It’s beautiful

I was reading Abduzeedo blog when I found this piece on issue 4 of 99U Quarterly Magazine. Blogger, Paulo Canabarro describes the issue as  “Very heavy in typography, keeping the consistency in colors, making and breaking the grid.” It was this quote which resonated so highly with me and my design style. I’m working on a few pieces at the moment of which I am really experimenting with flamboyant typography and a consistent colour palette. Only in the last few months have I started relying on grids, and it has improved my layout and typography work no end. Now I’m starting to break that grid and suddenly, I notice my work taking an exciting new direction. View more images of this sexy magazine here.

image image image image image

You little tease

I have a new travel app with a sexy name; triptease. It’s a neat idea, collecting reviews and images about locations all over the world. It is built upon a network of users and will only get better over time as more people discover it. But of course it’s the little design things that I enjoy. When you search for a location with no results you receive one of these lovely messages. Fun!





Andy Murray’s new logo has been unveiled and I have to admit, I quite like it. The strokes have an oriental feel yet the rigid shapes maintain a comtemporary, uncluttered style. Aesop who developed the brand say that it captures Andy’s energy and spirit.


Colour explosion

A burst of beautiful colour to brighten up a cold and wet morning here in England. Using an air canon and colored corn starch, Tim Tadder blasted professional dancers with clouds of color to create these unique images.

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