Wow. What an adventure, and what a fantastic way to document their journey by photographing themselves, their dogs and their futon in front of amazing landscapes. These friends roadtripped for four months across Vermont, Alaska and down to California. Perhaps I’ll add something similar to my bucket list. The keen eyes amongst you will also notice that one of the three friends is always looking away in each photo. No idea why, but it will certainly add to the memory of this quirky adventure.

threefriendstwodogsonefuton11 threefriendstwodogsonefuton7 threefriendstwodogsonefuton1 threefriendstwodogsonefuton4 threefriendstwodogsonefuton9 threefriendstwodogsonefuton15 threefriendstwodogsonefuton2 threefriendstwodogsonefuton10 threefriendstwodogsonefuton17


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