Yes, I know it’s another piece of medicinal design but, I really like it. Day & Night Nurse from GSK happens to be the finest piece of pill dispensing design I have ever seen. I guess the whole purpose of the design and the reason for its creativty derives primarily from product itself. Two separate types of pills which you wouldn’t want to mix up.
It’s clear, concise, and the colours are a welcome breath of fresh air in comparison to that generic silver surface we have seen over and over again.


As I begin to fight off another bout of tonsillitis I am reunited with my old friend phenoxymethylpenicillin – my favourite of all the anitbiotics – and of course the beautiful packaging which always makes me chuckle. Now, I know its medical packaging and I’m not expecting any dazzling design, but I find the logo just so stupid (and funny).


It reminds me of a year 9 project where you would “very cleverly” replace a letter of a word with something that represents that word. “Stupid branding” I like to call it.
Here we have actual penicillin pills within the design, I guess to act as an O, P and D, although I’m not entirely sure. It’s so clumsy and I loathe it. Although, it’s comical and certainly cheers me up when I’m under the weather.

Seriously. What the fuck is wrong with some people.


Social Media continues to remind me everyday of the absolute dickheads there are in this world, with comments like the one above and others all across America, such as “Nice to see that Coke likes to sing an AMERICAN song in a terrorist’s language” and “Get the FOREIGNERS off the American Coke advert.”

Now, I will admit. Upon first seeing this advert from Coca-Cola, my first thought was “Wow, this is not going to go down well.” Expressing culture is great, and It is definitely something Coca-Cola should be doing, as such a large global company. However, It all seemed way to forced, and at half time of the Superbowl, in front of millions and millions of Americans, the most patriotic nation in the world, it was bound for a backlash.

I can understand on some level, the bitterness towards this advert, particularly the very patriotic song being sung in Hindi, However, it angers me that we seem to be suddenly taking a step in the wrong direction when it comes to racism. Now there is this outlet, via social media means, where it appears to be “ok” to indirectly target cultures and race. We all have our own views on racism, and immigration etc. I understand that, but these people can now hide behind the barriers of the internet and air their prejudice opinions for the world to see. Something which was not so widely possible 7-8 years ago.

As for the video itself, sorry Coca-Cola, it wasn’t for me. Yes it was a very lovely video where everybody is having fun, but apart from that I was quite bored. It didn’t have the get up and go vibe, and it lacked drama. I want energy, I want a good time from drinking Coca-Cola; like that of the Budweiser & Smirnoff Superbowl ads of 2012. I love these.
The song however I did enjoy, and was sung beautifully by Sushmitha, a young Indian American.


“भगवान तुमको पर अपनी कृपा शेड और समुद्र से समुद्र चमक के लिए, भाईचारे के साथ तेरा अच्छा ताज.”
“God shed his grace on thee and crown thy good with brotherhood, from sea to shining sea.”
America, The Beautiful.

It may be purely because of my fondness of his work , and the influence he had on me during my time at University, but I continue to see the style of Saul Bass everywhere. This advert was in the paper today and I simply love it. It takes me back to the mid 1900′s approach of predominantly black, hand illustration and typography. With strong hints of Bass’ early style, it resonates in the modern day music culture most notably with Paolo Nutini and his album artwork. I was also surprised to see that Gorillaz were not playing, as they also sprung to mind quite immediately.


As I finally downloaded my last few photos from travelling, I came across this collection from my time in Spokane. There was absolutely no clue as to who was responsible, or why they were put there, but they certainly cheered me up on my walk to the Mall. Random acts of creativity are my favourite, and somewhat inspirational. The kids will love these.

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