My name is Joshua Mann and I am a Graphic Designer at Green Square. Take a look at my portfolio, or alternatively check out my blog for all things creative. It acts as a visual scrapbook for things which excite me.


Balls on an escalator

There is something oddly relaxing about this.

Traffic light Pong

Installed two weeks ago in the City of Hildesheim, Germany. Project by Actiwait



Colour explosion

A burst of beautiful colour to brighten up a cold and wet mornng here in England. Using an air canon and colored corn starch, Tim Tadder blasted professional dancers with clouds of color to create these unique images.

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Morning packaging inspiration

This made me laugh. A concept from Maan Ali. Think Trident have missed a trick here, or any gum manufacturer for that matter. This concept ties great with Movember too!


Edit: Just as I posted this I stumbled on a similarly thought out concept from Maan Ali again. I’m starting to like this guy


Friendship Mail

Found this old board game during my trip to the second-hand bookstore yesterday morning. It caught my eye for illustrative reasons mostly, however I do also enjoy the excessive wording in old design. The need to show the playing age so big and bold, and as part of the strapline is funny.


G5 Bench

A beautiful use for a pair of old G5 Macs


Nothing happened

Yes! An amazingly simple, yet incredibly powerful newspaper advert from Ecotricity last week in The Guardian. I love risk taking in any form of design, but none other than print, where there is no way back. Newspapers are(were?) the pinnacle of print and an expensive double page spread in The Guardian wouldn’t have been taken lightly. This cheered me right up this morning and reminded me there are still some companies willing to take risks for great design.



An elegant and clean desktop.


Slope iPad Stand

I am currently torn as to whether I need an iPad or not. If the answer is yes, this beautiful thing has to be it’s partner in crime.