I have always enjoyed a good rummage round a car boot, and there is an excellent one just near me which runs all summer.  As I was pottering from pitch to pitch this morning, I stumbled on this little book which really caught my eye.  I’m starting to enjoy older publications, this on being from the mid 70’s, and coincidentally also published in Suffolk.
The cover had a beautiful texture, and the book itself had some very interesting and funny anecdotes about certain myths and legends. Of course, I hadn’t heard of all of the beliefs probably because of how dated the book was, but that made me even more intrigued.
The layout inside was also beautifully simple, utilising the gold colour rather nicely. As always, the price of these old publications makes me laugh. 25p! Costs you that to go to the toilet at London Paddington Station these days.  I found that out the hard way.




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