My name is Josh and I am a Graphic Designer

I design for print

Anything from posters to brochures, adverts, books and brand identity.

I also design for web

Developing beautiful ideas whilst gaining a great understanding of HTML, CSS & Javascript.

I love type

My work centres around dynamic layouts and playful lettering.
I aim to convey emotion through simple, powerful design.


Feel free to browse through some of my work below.
For thoughts and musings on day to day creative things check out my Blog.

The Essex Cricketer

Essex County Cricket Club Member's magazine
Essex Cricketer

The Essex Cricketer

A complete design overhaul was required for Essex County Cricket Club's quarterly Member's Magazine. Under strict client instructions to only use the font Noto Sans, I experimented with headings to create individual and striking page articles with a common link throughout. The colour scheme - at a 30% tint of Essex Cricket's corporate colours - provides a fresh look with comfort and familiarity.

Everybody is a Typeface

Short promo film for www.getafont.com
Project 04

Everybody is a Typeface

Armed with a paper bag, camera, tripod, baseball bat and women's blouse, I set about creating a one man show to express the versatility of typography. The film is a dark and powerful sketch which gives personality to the two chosen fonts in a steroetypical yet thrilling way.

  • Client: www.getafont.com
  • Year: 2010

Brand Identity

Moffatt Electrical

Brand Identity

When designing logos I adopt a slightly different approach. I like the brief to sit on my mind for at least 24 hours, dipping in and out of my sketchbook throughout that period with ideas. Only when I have three solid routes to explore do I get to work digitally. My designs are very raw, exploring various elements of type, shape and colour to portray the core of a business in the most simple and intriguing way.

  • Clients: Moffatt Electrical // KYC Marketing
  • Year: 2014 - present

Commercial Brochure

Essex County Cricket Club Commercial Brochure
Essex Cricketer

Commercial Brochure 2015

This design dramatically breaks free from the grid adopting a fresh new take on the word 'corporate'. It is simple and clean, yet quirky; and each page demands attention. Blocked imagery and strategic typographical layout guides the reader through.

Independent Film Agency

Brand identity and launch ideo
Essex Cricketer

Independent Film Agency

The IFA specialise in the distribution of Independent and Art Films to the mass market. I wanted the branding to reflect this combination of target audiences and remove any snobbery around Independent film. The warm, sophisticated colour palette of pinks and purples attempts to do this through a beautiful camera lense design. It reflects the bare basics of any film, any budget, any genre. A camera is what united them all.


Brand identity & promo video
Essex Cricketer


Brand identity for a rugged new sports brand. Spoof viral to gain attention.

  • Client:Mankind
  • Year: 2014

20 Years of Pelican Media

Promo video to celebrate 20 years of Pelican Media
Essex Cricketer

20 Years of Pelican Media

A promotional video to mark the 20th Anniversary of Pelican Media.


I graduated in 2012 with a degree in Graphic Design with Motion Graphics.
I am currently employed as a Graphic & Web Designer at Green Square.
I have a passion to design and a desire to see the world.